by | Jan 31, 2022 | Case studies

Castlepoint is an Artificial Intelligence scale-up based in Canberra and they believe that strong foundations should be set from the start. Volunteering, environmental responsibility, and a strong workplace, health and safety culture were embedded into the organisation from the outset.

Castlepoint provides a compliance, security and discovery management solution for electronic data held in business information systems. It uses artificial intelligence to classify it against rules and regulations and apply appropriate lifecycle controls.

As part of their commitment to operating sustainably they offset flights and vehicles but didn’t have the full picture of their carbon footprint. Also, without context of comparable size of the organisation or average industry carbon intensities, it was a challenge for them to understand their carbon footprint relative to similar sized businesses.

So they wanted to be able to make decisions and develop a long term strategy based on data.

To achieve long term strategic reductions a plan must be developed and regularly reviewed. Carbon measurement is an important first step in this process.

Castlepoint adopted Evalue8 Sustainability’s software (Evalue8) to measure its greenhouse gas emissions, and support decision-making and evaluation in relation to environmentally friendly initiatives. This has enabled Castlepoint to analyse the greenhouse gas emissions of each of its activities and take operational control of its carbon footprint. The company can now produce auditable greenhouse gas emission statements. Castlepoint can use this information to control and offset its emissions, make itself more attractive to customers, both directly and throughout its value chain, and help it attract and retain talent.

Rachael Greaves, Castlepoint’s CEO, said

“Measuring our greenhouse gas emissions has enabled us to be responsible for our contribution to climate change. We have always been a values-driven organisation that wants to do the right thing and addressing the climate emergency is an important part of that. We found that being able to prove our environmental claims, in a market full of competitors making assertions without an evidence base to back them up, helped us attract more business and manage our stakeholders more effectively.”

Rachael went on to discuss Castlepoint’s journey.

We investigated using consultants to help us, but that option was expensive and labour intensive. We also found that staying on top of new ideas to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and work out which ones are likely to be helpful to our business is a full-time job. Evalue8 allows us to see the impacts our efforts are having, such as meeting via video conference instead of travelling.

For Castlepoint, using Evalue8 has been a huge timesaver and has helped us take a strategic approach. The software is very low touch, drawing data directly from our accounting system to calculate our emissions based on our activities. I love that Evalue8 tells me about initiatives likely to reduce my energy costs. I can now focus on ensuring Castlepoint is providing world-leading solutions, secure in the knowledge that we are helping to fight climate change, and that I can demonstrate our environmental credentials to my customers and the rest of my value chain. Being an ethical company is part of our DNA, and living these values is critical for attracting and retaining the right kind of talent as we grow, given the competition for developers working with artificial intelligence.”