Healthy eating hub case study
31/01/2022 by Ilea Buffier
healthy eating hub

The Healthy Eating Hub helps people develop healthy eating habits through tailored nutrition advice, recipes and inspiration to help them succeed. It is socially and environmentally conscious and wanted to ensure the business’s activities were consistent with a healthy planet.

Kate Freeman noted

“Almost no-one can just walk away from everything they’ve done before. Just as most people can’t change their eating habits overnight and instantly become ‘healthy eaters’, most businesses can’t make the switch to net-zero overnight. There is a learning curve to go through in making the transition. Here at The Healthy Eating Hub, we educate and prompt our customers to help them make better choices about what they eat and help them onto a healthier trajectory. Evalue8 Sustainability prompts me to make better choices about how my business consumes energy and shows me how to reduce my business’s carbon footprint.”