Our Program Partners

The following businesses have been trained in the use of and promote our Evalue8 web application because they love our app, and our values are aligned. We are all fighting climate change in our own ways.

Planet 6

Planet6 is driving change in the way we use technology and consume energy by providing innovative, secure and sustainable solutions to build successful and environmentally responsible businesses. 


Reforest can help your business take meaningful action on your unavoidable emissions on the path to Net Zero, and makes this engaging and interactive for your customers. Simply by displaying your unique QR code, your customers can see the trees you’re planting in local reforestation projects to remove the CO2 emissions from their purchases. Your customers can track those trees in their personal forest, and can match your action to make that transaction climate positive. You can lead and empower your customers to restore the planet together

Little Earth

A team of sustainability consultants providing environmental audits and education to the Canberra small business community. Providing a bridge for businesses making an impact with the customers that care about it, and the organisations that can help them reach net zero emissions. Sustainability made easy, together. 

Do you love our software? Has it made such a difference to you that you want to tell your clients and peers about it? Then sign up for our Partnership Program!

How the Partner Program Works

Accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisors, energy sellers, energy efficient equipment sellers and climate warriors in other industries that have values aligned with those of Evalue8 Sustainability are all welcome to apply to join the Partner Program.

You must be a client of Evalue8 Sustainability first. After you have used our software to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of your own organisation, you can contact us on customersupport@evalue8.net and become a Program Partner. You will need to sign an agreement with us. We will provide you with additional training and assign you a support person to ensure you fully understand our software and how it can be used, so you can showcase both our software and your own expertise. If you then promote or on-sell any subscriptions for Evalue8 Sustainability through your organisation, you can choose to

  • receive a unique partner code, which will then accrue 30% of client fees paid following a referral from you, which will be paid to you monthly, or
  • invoice your clients directly for subscriptions and receive 30% of the price of these subscriptions as commission

whichever suits your circumstances best.

Your support person will also help you work through any issues you have related to our software.

We will list you on our website as a partner.

We hold monthly partnership forums, which you can participate in or not as you choose. In these forums we address partner issues and seek input relevant to our development plans.

Becoming a Program Partner

Do you love Evalue8’s web application? Do you have clients to whom you would like to promote it? Are your values aligned with ours? Contact us by emailing  info@evalue8.net about becoming a Program Partner!

If your application is successful, we will ask you to sign our Partner Program Agreement.