Ramentic Case Study
31/01/2022 by Ilea Buffier

Ramentic is a Japanese restaurant featuring ramen, a Japanese adaption of Chinese wheat noodles served in a soup made from pork bone broth widely known as the Tonkotsu broth. Its signature dishes are the “ramentic” and the “spicy ramentic”. Both of which includes slow cooked Chashu (pork scotch fillet steak), woodear mushrooms, spring onions, and bamboo shoots. The spicy version includes Ramentic’s own special sauce. It offers a range of chicken, vegetarian and vegan options.

Owner/Chef at Ramentic, Rujyort Tamrakar said,

“It’s important to me to at least try to make sure that everything we do at Ramentic is healthy and sustainable. Our menu features traditional foods. We want friends and families to continue their tradition of celebrating being together over good food.”

“Almost all businesses, like ours, produce greenhouse gas emissions that are inconsequential in themselves but in aggregate extremely dangerous to our planet. Each of us needs to show leadership by opting out of harming our world. Evalue8 Sustainability helps me do that by making it easier for me to track my emissions and to work out how to reduce them. I want to enhance my customers’ joy in sharing food together at Ramentic by providing them with the reassurance that their tradition is sustainable.”