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We make this complex topic simple and accessible to all businesses. Evalue8 is designed to help small to medium sized enterprises by increasing the adoption of new technology and reducing prices.

Our application allows businesses to assess their entire carbon footprint and helps them move towards a zero-carbon future. We enable the important step of measurement to take place easily, effectively and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Evalue8 matches information from your accounting software and other sources to automate carbon tracking and reporting. This enables your carbon emissions reporting to be as up-to-date as your accounting information.

What we do

Evalue8 empowers businesses with the ability to shape the future of our planet through technology. We do this by unlocking the value of carbon accounting to help organisations achieve genuine decarbonisation.

By automating the carbon accounting process and easily identifying cost and energy saving opportunities, Evalue8 allows you to track your emissions and demonstrate your progress.

Our application links to your financial accounts and other sources to enable the measurement of your carbon emissions and provides recommendations on how to reduce your organisation’s impact.

We can help businesses achieve net-zero in a day or demonstrate clear progress over time towards their own reduction targets.

We believe in making evidence-based decisions. Having access to data is critical to this outcome. Our application measures the impact of your business on the environment in terms of tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted, based on the specific activities of your business.

Why Measure Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

The first step to addressing the climate change is to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and yet fewer than one in ten companies do this.

Quantifying your business’s carbon footprint means you can actively reduce or neutralise your contribution to climate change and thereby:

–  Reduce your energy costs

–  Outperform your competitors on emissions performance 

–  Attract more customers and capital

–  Improve employees’ perceptions of your company

–  Improve your “social license to operate” with key stakeholders such as communities,

    customers and governments.

Customers want to see real emissions reductions and offsetting; that’s why everything we do promotes measurable and accountable action.

Our software helps you to meet the demands of investors, supply chain pressures, and increasingly concerned customers aiming to reduce carbon emissions, by providing reliable reporting on the emissions of your business, enabling you to track these emissions over time, and providing you reduction and offsetting opportunities to become carbon neutral.

Challenges For Accountants/Bookkeepers

Many organisations want to improve their sustainability practices but don’t know what the first step is to assess their climate impact.

Accountants and bookkeepers face the following challenges:

Time to learn new things
Staying up to date with evolving technology can be a time-burden.

Constantly changing environment
Navigating ongoing shifts in regulatory environment to ensure compliance is always difficult.

Pressure to provide carbon accounting
As customer awareness on climate issues increases leading to demand for climate action, carbon accounting is becoming standard practice in business but most accountants don’t have required skills.

Hiring and retaining top talent
Finding good long-term staff who can perform efficiently and effectively is difficult.

Competition from other accounting firms
Increasing competition makes it more difficult to retain customers and win new business.

Lack of technical skills
As automation increases, upskilling and retraining staff to leverage cloud-based accounting and other technical skills are in demand.

How Evalue8 Sustainability Can Help

Today accounting is less about bookkeeping and more about data analytics – having actionable insights that enable you to do more with your data. Evalue8 helps you leverage technology to unlock more value from data you already have. Some of the benefits include:

Client satisfaction, attraction and retention
More clients want to work with sustainable brands. Carbon accounting fulfills customer expectations for improving sustainability practices and taking climate action.

Positioning your business as leaders in the field and up to date with everything they need to know.
Small businesses want to operate more sustainably by taking climate action but don’t know where to begin. That’s why as a trusted advisor, you can play a pivotal role in supporting your clients through this transition.

Time and cost savings/ Potential savings
Measuring your business’s entire operational footprint helps you to identify inefficiencies, especially in your value chain. Carbon accounting offers a high level of automation white a enabling you to minimise time and costs.

Differentiating themselves from competitors
Carbon accounting enables you to take demonstrable climate action which helps your business to build brand equity. As competition intensifies, maintaining status quo would cost the business by losing opportunities.

New regulatory compliance
Climate impact reporting legislation is expanding to more businesses all the time. By using carbon accounting today, you ensure that your business will stay compliant tomorrow. Evalue8 is built to align with globally recognised standards. It is an easy to use platform that is adaptable to business needs.

ESG doing the right thing
Prioritising sustainability presents opportunity to add value to your clients’ businesses in a new way. The tangible value you can add for your clients in helping them measure, manage, report on and mitigate their own carbon footprints. Evalue8 gives you the tools you need to empower them to take action/responsibility for their carbon impact.

Attracting staff
Genuine climate action will improve brand perception with employees and attract wide talent pool of increasingly climate conscious candidates. A majority (69% of employees) are more inclined to work for companies they perceive to be environmentally sustainable

Provide an audit trail function to track specific information. How flexible and robust are the reporting features. 

How It Works

Evalue8 helps you get the insights you need to understand and measure your business’ carbon emissions so you can start your sustainability journey to net-zero and beyond in 4 steps.

Step 1: Measure
Calculate and quantify your business’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions so you can understand your climate impact and set goals to limit your emissions.

Step 2: Reduce
Implement effective carbon and cost reduction strategies and positive climate actions once you have identified the environmental impact of your business activities.

Step 3: Save
Identify business specific opportunities for carbon and cost savings and provide recommendations to help you achieve reductions.  You can make informed decisions when it comes to your carbon and mitigation strategies.

Step 4: Demonstrate Progress/Report
Achieve visibility into your supply-chain carbon impacts enabling you to share progress with stakeholders like customers, investors, and employees, and report your climate impact.