Sustainability is one of the three macrotrends impacting on business today
13/09/2022 by Ilea Buffier

Sustainability is not only one of the three macrotrends impacting on business today.


Evalue8 Sustainability exhibited at Xerocon on 7 and 8 September. Our stall proved very popular. One of the reasons for this is that sustainability is not only one of the three macrotrends impacting on business today. It impacts on the other two – the changing workforce and digitalisation.

1. Changing workforce

Workforces are changing. Pre-covid, most employers relied on labour provided on site. Now, they have to contend with on site, hybrid, and remote workers. In the past, some employers relied principally on ongoing full-time and part-time staff. Some on mostly casual labour overseen by a handful of ongoing staff. Now employers are utilising mixtures of these along with contingent workforces, freelancers, gig workers, and crowdsourced workers, to name just a few.

This is making having the right number of people with the right skills available at the right time complicated.

Younger workers have a higher awareness of sustainability issues. They are more likely to be attracted to and stay for longer with employers who hold congruent values in relation to sustainability. The sustainability of your business model affects your ability to be an employer of choice and win the war for talent in this new era of labour shortages.

2. Sustainability

Climate change, the circular economy, and biodiversity impacts are all aspects of sustainability. Organisations increasingly need to able to prove their claims to stakeholders such as customers, employees, supply chains and governments in relation to sustainability. We are seeing rapid development of regulatory systems that impact on reporting requirements and market opportunities around the world. For example, New Zealand will be amending its emissions trading scheme and carbon border adjustment mechanisms on imports into Europe. It will begin phasing in from 1 January 2023. Large businesses will be impacted first but ultimately sustainability will have to be a whole of economy issue to enable us to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Digitalisation

Digitalisation means changing business models to provide new revenue streams and value-producing opportunities, through collecting data, analyzing trends and making better business decisions.

Evalue8 can help you digitalize your carbon accounting, enabling you to track your emissions by source (e.g. electricity, transport, etc.), by entity (office, subsidiary, etc.), over time (including before and after implementing greenhouse gas emission or energy saving measures), and manage your carbon footprint and energy costs. If you want to unlock the benefits of participating in the green economy, being able to prove your sustainability credentials is a great place to start.

If you want to get ahead of these global trends, use Evalue8 to generate your carbon accounts and receive information on initiatives to help you lower both your emissions and your energy costs. To learn more, book a meeting with us.